Nov 8, 2006

Tipper Gore is HAWT!

Larry says: (11:39:20 AM)
fuckingting fucking fuck
Larry has left the conversation.

Mike says: (11:39:42 AM)
who do you think you are Tipper Fucking Gore?
Mike says: (11:39:47 AM)
hey get back here
Jim says: (11:39:57 AM)
you talking to me?
Mike says: (11:40:00 AM)
um nope
Jim says: (11:40:05 AM)
oh . ok.
Jim says: (11:40:09 AM)
I t hought for a second you were.
Mike says: (11:40:10 AM)
just hanging out in this window
Mike says: (11:40:20 AM)
dum de dum de dum
Jim says: (11:40:22 AM)
and no, I don't think I'm Tipper Fucking Gore.
Mike says: (11:40:30 AM)
well you look like her ok
Jim says: (11:40:35 AM)
I get that a lot.


ova said...

i think you mean, "HAT"

tano said...
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