Feb 21, 2014

Clever title

Sam: the hockey commentator just said something about canada ramming it down the us's throat
Mike: hahaha
Mike: so hawt
Mike: that was the bet
Mike: I guess they paid up
Sam: yeah, our currency is handjobs, so i guess we can't say anything
Mike: haha
Sam: so the webapp link in the other webapp is working now
Mike: in prod?
Sam: not sure if broke anything else
Sam: yeah
Mike: wow
Sam: but hey, its like you and your trigger. my thing works
Mike: hhaha
Mike: Don't Look Bak (tm)
Mike: No Mistaks
Sam: hahaha
Mike: remind me to pack my bags if UBC ever gets audited
Mike: this is insane
Sam: hahaha
Sam: Part of me feels sorry for Card
Sam: What does the incorrect deployments of some regions mean?
Mike: i replied and asked if the forms have to be available , legally, by Feb 28
Mike: (hint: they do)
Sam: i bet no one will help him with his release
Mike: you mean , like , us?
Sam: no, i mean others devs from that side
Mike: lol
Mike: im not sure they could 'help'
Sam: probably not
Mike: "make another table and update it through triggers"
Sam: i had Conchita asking about the merge
Mike: Conchita?
Mike: merge?
Sam: yeah
Mike: why
Sam: how come emilie's changes did not show up last week
Mike: "A mouse chewed through a cable"
Mike: my overnight build
Sam: and how does code get merged to main
Mike: hahahha
Sam: i guess that was the issue monday
Mike: we have a press
Sam: i told the devs merge their code
Sam: nothing to do with us
Sam: yeah
Sam: we push it through a really tight hole
Mike: hahaha
Mike: like REALLY tight
Sam: yeah, lemme show you
Mike: say my dick is code...
Sam: see how tight that feels
Mike: hahahaha
Mike: im still lol
Sam: same here