Nov 7, 2006


Mike says: (12:57:04 PM)
there's something strangely disturbing when the wife says "When you get home there will be a suprise here for you"
Sam says: (12:57:13 PM)
Mike says: (12:57:23 PM)
All i can think of is a big pile of shit in the hallway needing to be cleaned up
Sam says: (12:57:54 PM)
what a sordid love life you have
Mike says: (12:58:01 PM)
Mike says: (12:58:05 PM)
i dont even have THAT
Larry says: (12:58:09 PM)
did she say pleasant surprise? or just surprise?
Mike says: (12:58:15 PM)
just suprise
Mike says: (12:58:21 PM)
I guessed laundry to fold
Mike says: (12:58:29 PM)
then Leaf ticketrs
Larry says: (12:58:45 PM)
surprise as in 'pearl harbour surprise', 'stripper in a birthday cake surprise', or 'dead stripper in a birthday cake surprise'
Mike says: (12:58:51 PM)
oh man
Larry says: (12:58:51 PM)
shit, that just went really dark, where did that come from?
Mike says: (12:58:57 PM)
dead strippers......mmmm
Sam says: (12:58:57 PM)
hmm, not sure i see where you're going with your guesses
Mike says: (12:59:09 PM)
just covering my bases
Larry says: (12:59:21 PM)
did she cackle and evil laugh that was just this side of hysterical?
Mike says: (12:59:29 PM)
I told her that anything less than Leaf tickets (incl airfare) would be disappointing
Mike says: (12:59:36 PM)
she said dont come home then
Larry says: (12:59:43 PM)
way to set yoursefl up for dissappointment
Mike says: (12:59:46 PM)
to which I replied "Is that the suproise?"
Larry says: (1:00:00 PM)
and to which she said 'maybe'
Mike says: (1:00:18 PM)
to which I replied "fine then'
Larry says: (1:00:30 PM)
wow, this is the beginning of the omst tedious novel ever written
Mike says: (1:00:42 PM)
to which I replied "yes, it is"
Larry says: (1:01:02 PM)
to which I answered "wtf, get on with the hacking and the maiming of mike already"
Mike says: (1:01:14 PM)
oh dear

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