Nov 8, 2006

Google, BugTracker, and Hats

Mike says (10:48 AM):
Subject: Google Goof Up

1. Go to Google
2. Type in the word "Failure"
3. Instead of clicking "Google Search," click "I'm Feeling Lucky."
4. Laugh uproariously
5. Spread the word before the people at Google "fix" it.
Larry says (10:49 AM):
welcome to 2004
Jim says (10:49 AM):
haha. I like that google now has "Why These Results?" as the first "sponsored" link.
Mike says (10:49 AM):
im just passing it along
Larry says (10:49 AM):
google is just saying "What does the blogosphere and/or Russian spam sites think of this term?"
Larry says (10:50 AM):
it's like wielding the power of the blogosphere at your fingertips
Jim says (10:51 AM):
actually, back in 2004 it was the blogoplane.
Larry says (10:53 AM):
blogoplane? how far back do you have to go before it was a Webring?
Larry says (10:54 AM):
(the less popular successor to the OTHER ring)
Mike says (10:54 AM):
oh man
Mike says (10:54 AM):
so hat right now
Mike says (10:54 AM):
hawt too
Larry says (10:54 AM):
Jim says (10:54 AM):
I'm getting hat just thinking about it.
Mike says (10:54 AM):
hat REAL hat
Larry says (10:54 AM):
oh baby, it's hat, sooo fricking hat. like bowler and stetson baby
Larry says (10:54 AM):
oh yeah
Mike says (10:55 AM):
nice email to Chris
Larry says (10:55 AM):
what you got there? like 2 gallon action? man, SO hat, so HAT. Is that real felt? No way, 100% custom fit baseball hat? Fo shizzay
Larry says (10:55 AM):
Mike says (10:55 AM):
Larry says (10:57 AM):
man, when is Nancy going to get that Supa Dupa job, i want to start writing slogans and pithy phrases
Mike says (10:57 AM):
i got your pith right here
Larry says (10:58 AM):
you got my pith do you? has it stopped burning?
Larry says (10:58 AM):
or, should i say, has the burning sensation stopped?
Mike says (10:58 AM):
"Go f*** yourselves you f***ing stupid f***s" - PahLunger Gookananny Inc.
Larry says (10:58 AM):
now now, tell them how you really feel
Larry says (10:58 AM):
get it off your chest, start the new year right
Larry says (10:59 AM):
"Dropped a inventory item unexpectedly due to server bug? Better luck next year - PahLunger Gookananny Inc."
Jim says (11:00 AM):
anybody blogged this yet?
Mike says (11:00 AM):
Mike says (11:00 AM):
Larry says (11:00 AM):
"If you can't fill out a BugTracker item in clear english, please reiterate it in the retarded lobotomized stoned monkey sign language you obviously communicate with on a daily basis. It'll be given the same attention - PahLunger Gookananny Inc."
Mike says (11:01 AM):
"Can't retrieve your data? - Try entering the right f***ing values into the search, cocksucker!" - PahLunger Gookananny Inc.
Larry says (11:01 AM):
"BugTracker is not an archival system for your email threads. A friendly reminder from PahLunger Gookananny Inc."
Jim says (11:01 AM):
FYYFF - PahLunger Gookananny Inc..
Mike says (11:01 AM):

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