Mar 19, 2016

Another Brick in the Wall

Quee: shockers had a good pep talk at the half
Mike: fack
Mike: Villanova will avenge me!
Quee:i'm so white that i had to google "always reppin"
Mike: haha
Whick: Ha. So white.
Whick: So…what does it mean brother?
Mike: it means that they sat on the bench at the 2016 march madness and all they got was this lousy t-shirt
Whick: Nice
Quee: you have to google it yourself Whick. Google is gathering information on who the whitest people in the world are. you get to join me in their database
Quee: if you also google "who is drake?" you then get to join the whitest canadian club too
Whick: Is he related to Drizzy?
Quee:haha... dammit you made me google!
Plick: Nike has shirts ready for the regional winners after they win and ripping the net off... Yes... Always rip pin'
Plick: I is not good at grammar.
Whick: Never stop a shuffling
Whick: Speaking of white. Yale vs Duke.
Quee:next year I'll have to pick Georgetown #1 to earn some street cred
Plick: That is the whitest matchup
Whick: Trump is building a wall around the court as we speak. And will appear on the court at halftime. Start his new country from there.
Mike: fucking lol
Quee: wall made out of gold
Mike: LOL
Quee: the black guys can build it
Quee: too far?
Plick: Cause they're tall right
Whick: Mexicans build the base.
Mike: hahaha
Whick: This chat is off the record right?
Mike: getting word from my lawyer now...
Quee: google tracks this chat too
Mike: i hope so
Mike: comedy gold
Quee: we will all be offered Trump cabinet positions after they read this one