Feb 27, 2008

The Taint of Wallpaper

Sam says (2:22 PM):
Sam says (2:22 PM):
home depot
Sam says (2:22 PM):
Wallpapers R Us on lonsdale
Mike says (2:23 PM):

Sam says (2:23 PM):
World of Wallpaper on esplanade
Sam says (2:24 PM):
Ricks Wallpaper Emporium on 2nd
Larry says (2:24 PM):
can't you get some shit free on CL?
Mike says (2:24 PM):
is that a general question?
Sam says (2:25 PM):
i have some
Sam says (2:25 PM):
i cannot help removing it though
Mike says (2:25 PM):
like you cant stop yourself from removing it?
Mike says (2:26 PM):
Is this a habit that you needed to share?
Sam says (2:26 PM):
Sam says (2:26 PM):
it starts with a little corner
Sam says (2:26 PM):
a little rip
Larry says (2:26 PM):
are you talking about your need to peel off my pants when noone is watching?
Larry says (2:27 PM):
because i STILL belive that that disorder is TREATABLE
Larry says (2:27 PM):
if by no other course of action than by me getting Rip Proof slacks
Mike says (2:27 PM):
or treatable by just letting me do it
Larry says (2:27 PM):
Larry says (2:27 PM):
every time you say it's the last time
Larry says (2:28 PM):
then again, it does help me expose my taint to the air
Sam says (2:28 PM):
well stop putting your pants back on
Larry says (2:28 PM):
i told Lorrie that joke, but i can't remember why i was talking about exposing my taint to the air
Larry says (2:28 PM):
the joke fell flat
Mike says (2:28 PM):
Mike says (2:28 PM):
Martha just LOVES the taint jokes
Larry says (2:29 PM):
for some reason, when i retell these jokes that go TOO FAR PAST THE LINE to Lorrie, she just sort of looks away, then idly twists her wedding ring, as if testing to see if it'll come off in one swift tug
Mike says (2:29 PM):

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