Jun 27, 2007

Bloc Rules

1. Tintin shall be browbeaten relentlessly.
2. Larry is not addicted to gin, he only prefers it to water.
3. Any mention of football will always be assumed to be the British understanding of it. Not what those poncy Americans would have you believe.
4. Mike's children are known as either 'promising stuntmen' or 'those great excuses for buying Gameboys and other gamesystems that no straight man would allow himself within 100 meters of'.
5. Do not taunt Jim's Prius.
6. Do not hack Jim's Prius.
7. It's generally understood that you do not bring up Mike's failed audition for "Way Fast, Way Furious, The Revenge of the Sprint".
8. It's good form to wait until Larry has finished his 3000 word msn response to a one line quip.
9. Jim loves children. Far, far away from him.
10. Sam keeps a lead pipe under his desk for anyone who doesn't share his opinion of football. He doesn't even have the decency to clean the blood and slightly dried brains from it.
11. All msn conversations will eventually degrade to a point where those with the weakest stomach for auto-erotic asphixiation with a oranguatan nail-file will quit.
12. Those weakest will be added until all and every possible disgusting reference can be hashed out in detail.

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